kuntur Peru is a 100% local tour operator based in Cusco, the center of the tourism industry in Peru, runed by Ruben an expert tour líder who have been working for 15 years trekking in the Peruvian Andes, Our experience in the tourism sector permits us to offer a variety of tours and trekking activities which includes the famous Inca Trail, Alternative treks to Machu Picchu, as well as numerous tours throughout various provinces and regions in Peru.

Kuntur Peru is a boutique travel company offering personalized adventures around Cusco and Machu Picchu. Our Machu Picchu treks cater to small groups or couples who seek a more private and exclusive experience. We can also offer flexible day tours in Cusco and surrounds, tailoring the experience to your needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. We look forward to sharing your adventure.


Since 2014, Kuntur Peru has planned slick and sublime escapes for the highland communities. From day one, Our Founders – Ruben Huillca and Evelyn Kono – also committed to enriching the lives and livelihoods of the communities we visit. With this consideration of everybody involved, we’ve quickly grown into one of the most highly-regarded local travel brands in the region.

Kuntur Peru Adventure respects and benefits everything about the places we visit: the locals, their culture, and even the environment. We’ll provide you with plenty of info before you depart so you know what to expect.

Scheduled Tours & Themes

With 30+ scheduled adventures on the Cusco region and provinces throughout the year, you’re bound to find something to fit your taste, schedule, and budget. Tell us what you’re after, or where you want to go, and we can recommend a journey that’s perfect for you.

We’ve broken every trip down by themes like hiking, food, and culture, so you can easily find the kind of trip you’re after. In a few effortless clicks, we can narrow down our offerings to suit your taste.

Private Adventures

If you love one of our packages, but don’t love the thought of group travel, let us know so we will personalize your adventure. The cost of your escape will be shown based on the month of travel and the number of travelers.

Tailor-Made Vacations

We plan hundreds of tailor-made holidays every year. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, throwing a destination wedding, or planning your honeymoon, just send us an e-mail explaining about and we’ll make it happen.

Kuntur Team


Ruben has been leading kuntur Peru tours in Cusco and Peru since 2007. Born and raised in Cusco city, Ruben developed a passion for tourism at a young age. Not only is he “family” but also a deep cultural understanding. He’ll show you the most sacred places in Cusco during the day, and the hottest spots at night!


Carloncho is one of the most experienced tourism professionals in Cusco. When in his care, you’ll be sure to not only delve into the culture and history of Cusco, but you’ll also have access to places normally out of bounds to the average tourist.


A visit to Machu Picchu is truly not complete without the knowledge and warmth that Edwin offers kuntur Peru guests. With nearly 15 years’ experience, this man sure knows his way around, and being a mountain lover, he provides context that many guides are unable to.


Our team works with passion and a lot of enthusiasm, versatility, and cultural understanding are unparalleled (usually because we’re locals workers). it makes that our commitment with people who work with us, and communities have direct help


Freedom & Flexibility

Some operators provide a bare-bones package, leaving you to spend hundreds on excursions and add-ons. Other itineraries are so jam-packed you’re left exhausted and craving a holiday by the time you get home. kuntur Peru features destination highlights while giving you enough time to explore on your own.

Small Groups

Our based tours never exceed 8 travelers, and our transportation average 15 people per trip. Whether by bus or hiking, we’ll take you places no operator could.


Every place we stay is comfortable, friendly and perfectly captures the essence of where we visit. Accommodations range from cozy 3.5-star properties to stunning 4- and 5-star hotels. For our trekking adventures, you most certainly won’t wind up in a 4 stars hotel but on the charm and comfortable camping area.

Local Authenticity

We make it a point to ensure the money we spend benefits the local community in a meaningful way. That means dining at local restaurants, hiring local guides, and sometimes traveling by local modes of transportation…horses ride, anyone?

Responsible Travel

Kuntur Peru respects and benefits everything about the places we visit: the locals, their culture, and even the environment. We’ll provide you with plenty of info before you depart so you know what to expect.